Only The Most Fearless People In The World Will Visit This Extravagant Bar

There are plenty of talented architects out there who have created stunning buildings. Surely one of the most impressive is the cocktail bar that hangs right over a cliff that will be opened in Mexico soon. Only the most fearless people will be able to visit this breathtaking place!

The Tall Arquitectos company has produced a project for a bar called ’’Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar’’. It’s going to be built right on the edge of the Copper Canyon in Mexico.
bravest people for fantastic bar 1

This amazing place will have two levels. On the top floor, there will be a small swimming pool and an observation deck with tables.
bravest people for fantastic bar 2

On the bottom floor, the architects plan to set up a bar where you can order dozens of different drinks. Only the bravest guests will likely be able to cope with going down to get a cocktail, though…because the floor will be made of glass!
bravest people for fantastic bar 3

It goes without saying therefore that in order to visit this place, you probably shouldn’t be afraid of heights!
bravest people for fantastic bar 4

But if you can overcome your fears, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of the Basaseachi waterfall.
bravest people for fantastic bar 5


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