Coffee Shop’s Sign About Breastfeeding Mothers Has Quickly Blazed Across The Web For This Reason…

Breastfeeding in public can be pretty damn difficult. New moms are seemingly shamed or kicked out for breastfeeding seemingly every day. But Willows café in Sydney, Australia, wants to stop fight that stigma, in the most Australian way possible. Free cups of tea for breastfeeding moms.

Carolyn Hastie spotted their sign to new moms while out and about, and it’s quickly made the rounds on Facebook.

breastfeeding moms

The café’s owner, Natala Bain, a mom herself, said she just wanted to provide somewhere clean and warm for new moms to go about their business:

“I’m a young mum myself and I had just had my first child and thought that it’s a good thing to do,” Bain said. “It’s really to make to breastfeeding mums feel welcome.”

“They just love it. Most come in any way because they love the sign, and they don’t really care about the free tea.”

Free tea is always appreciated.

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