His Finger Puppet Comes To Life When He Does This…

Puppets are cool! They have fascinated us since ancient times. It’s instantly funny to watch an object be brought to life through the art of puppeteering. Many people grew up with seeing puppets on television, in school or at festivals. Then we inevitably operate our own puppets, even if they are just made out of socks! In our current digital environment, the puppet often get’s replaced by animation on screens. We forget how magical it is to see an actual puppet, live and in action. Well there’s one young guy who has brought back the art of the puppet in wonderful, simplistic fashion! His name is Barnaby Dixon. He’s been into stop-motion animation since 2003 and has been inspired by films like The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wallace and Gromit, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

He’s been refining his own puppet for a project and now he is revealing what he’s come up with. Here’s what Barnaby says about his latest project:

“It took some time to refine, and alterations may still be made. But it’s at a stage now that I’m happy to show y’all.”

He really has this puppet nailed. The head movement is awesome! And overall it moves in a fluid like fashion that is very engaging and hypnotic to watch.


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