She Got The Best Revenge On Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend

It was my junior year, and I had a boyfriend who had previously been dating this very mean girl. After we’d been dating a few month, she decided she wanted him back. He refused. She started being nasty to me in the halls at school, calling out insults and snickering with her friends. It was annoying, but luckily we didn’t cross paths too often.

One day my friend gave me a letter that had been given to her by this girl. It was to me and was about ¾ of a page of insults, general nastiness, and threats. I don’t remember most of it, but she did say that I looked like a Sleestak from Land of the Lost. The threat that seemed like it was supposed to be most terrifying (capital letters!) was that she was going to call my Mom and tell her that I was a slut and various other horrible things.

When I got home, I showed Mom the letter, and her reply was “Oh, I hope she calls me!”

So, the next day I was sitting in English class and still thinking about this stupid letter. I tried not to let it bother me, but one does not like being compared to a Sleestak. My teacher returned a stack of essays, and I did pretty well on mine, but there were still a few red marks …. Oh, I have an idea!

At lunch, I got out a red pen and put a big “D+” on top of the letter. I then corrected all the spelling and grammar errors, of which there were many. I also put in a few comments like “awkward sentence structure.”

I gave it to my friend to give it to her friend, to finally deliver it to the mean girl (hey this was high school – that’s the way we did things.) Unfortunately, I never got to see her reaction. But she never did bother me or my boyfriend again. I guess she realized I didn’t care about her, her insults, or her threats.


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