Nurse Cares For Preemie And Thinks She’ll Never See Him Again Til His Adoptive Mom Finds Her

Calvin Underwood was born prematurely. The little boy required tube feeding throughout the first few weeks of his life. Ashley Simon was the nurse and education specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital who took care of Calvin.

He would spend the first few months of his life being cared for by Ashley and other NICU staff. Eventually, though, he had to leave.
“We take care of these babies for such a long time, they become part of your life,” Ashley told WCPO Cincinnati.

Calvin was adopted by Britt Underwood when he was around a year and a half old. While he’s been with the family since Britt understood that there were some important people early on that made having her son possible.

Britt went back to the hospital and approached Ashley to ask whether she knew any of the nurses who helped Calvin still worked there. Ashley was shocked at the inquiry because, of course, she was who Britt had been looking for!

“She came up to me and said, ‘I’m just wondering if you can help me. Someone took care of my son when he was here,’” Ashley said. “I was like, ‘No, you’re kidding me! I was your nurse!’”

Ashley and Calvin reunited at Cincinnati Zoo, where they visited Fiona the Hippo, another preemie who overcame the odds.

“They’ve both fought a long, hard battle, and they both came out the other side stronger,” Britt said of Calvin and Fiona.

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