Adopted Cat Found His Mini-Me And Decided To Raise Him Like His Own

When Jesse Ryan brought Minnie the ginger kitten home, their grown up cat Evin decided that there was only one thing to do about this new arrival. He adopted him! The two have been inseparable since the day that they met and Minnie follows Evin wherever he goes. Evin doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seems to love having his own Mini-Me.

“Evin & Minnie hit it off right away!” Jessica Ryan, their owner, told Bored Panda. “I think mainly because Minnie clung to Evin and gave him no other choice! They nonstop wrestle, play and snuggle. They also clean each other after meals. They’re best friends. We have another older grouchy grey cat named Tunie. They love to harass her, chase her and smack her butt when she walks by.”

Minnie is now half the size of Evin so he isn’t so Minnie anymore. In fact, soon he’ll be looking for his own Mini-Me!

When Minnie the kitten met Evin the cat, Evin was left with no choice…


…But to adopt him!


Minnie met Evin when the kitten was brought home by their owner one day



One of the cats had a litter, and when her boyfriend saw Minnie, he knew he had to bring him back for Evin


Evin and Minnie hit it off right away! said Jessica


“I think mainly because Minnie clung to Evin, and gave him no other choice!”


Jessica thinks that Minnie felt attached to Evin because he looked familiar


“They nonstop wrestle, play, and snuggle”



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