Little Girl Is Stunned In The Grocery Store When She Thinks A Cat Can Talk

I was doing the grocery shopping for my grandmother a few nights ago, and I couldn’t remember which brand of cat food our cat ate, so I’m in the pet food aisle, and I call her to ask.

At this moment, a mother and her daughter – maybe 4 – 5 years old – were walking through that same aisle.

I asked my grandmother over the phone, “Hey, it’s me. I’m just calling to ask you which cat food you wanted… she answers me… okay, I’ll get you some of that then. See ya!”

And as I hang up the phone, I realize that the little girl in the aisle is staring up at me with her mouth and eyes wide open. She has a hand on her mother’s sleeve, which she tugs excitedly.

“Mum! His cat can TALK!”


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