25 Minimalistic Tattoo Ideas For The Cat Lover In Your Life

In ancient Egypt, cats were used as symbols, such as “mau.”  This was associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba’at.  They were often depicted in art and mummified. In Greek times, they were associated with cleanliness, lust, deviousness, and cunning.

In modern times, cats are associated with independence, and have become symbols of rebellion. The tattoos in these photos are of true cat lovers!

1. Minimalistic Tattoo

2. Forever A Cat Lady

3. Sleeping Kitty Tattoo

4. Yin And Yang Cat Tattoo

5. Cat Tattoo

6. My Cattoo Is Also A Semicolon

7. Cat Tattoo

8. Minimalistic Cat Tattoo

9. New Tattoo Or Should I Say Cattoo?

10. Cat Tattoo