When This Man Plays Guitar On The Street, He Gets The Cutest Audience Ever

Every amateur musician dreams of playing in a sold out stadium in front of thousands of screaming fans. It’s a common day dream for those in the music industry, but one that will most likely never come true. So what do you do instead? Play for anyone who will listen. That’s why street performers are so common; they want an audience of any kind who will stop and listen to the music they’ve poured their soul into. 

One street musician in Malaysia recently performed to an audience he never expected to be in front of – a crowd of kittens. It happened one night just as he was about to pack it in and call it a day. At first, just two kittens walked up and sat down in front of the man as he played his tunes. Then, suddenly, more kittens started to show up and listen with a patient ear as the man performed for his feline audience. 

The kittens were all less than three months old, which makes their actions even cuter. It may not be a crowded stadium filled with adoring fans, but this musician’s kitten audience is about as memorable and far more adorable. If every street musician had a crowd of kittens following their every move, the world would be a much happier place. 


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