The Unforeseen Reason We Have Bad Breath

One of the easiest ways to ruin what could have been a good first impression is by blowing out a tepid blast of bad breath.

You could spit all the game in the world and it wouldn’t do you any good if your mouth smelled like a dumpster, but there’s more causes than just bad oral hygiene! You could be a smoker, you could also have issues with these little things known as tonsil stones. These suckers are absolutely disgusting and definitely not the type of thing you want to have to deal with, but when they do happen you don’t need to worry too much. Yes, the best route would be to visit a dentist, but there’s still ways you can rid yourself of them at home as well.

Still, I wouldn’t be doing that at home… There’s no way I’d be comfortable enough pushing them into my throat without swallowing. Would you? pass it along, and discuss.


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