Using Only A Towel And Cement, You Can Create Your Own Planter At Home

People love to use their green thumbs! Even those without “the touch” enjoy showcasing a few blooms in a beautiful pot on their porch or patio. Finding the perfect spot isn’t enough; you also need a pot in which to put your prized plants. You could go to your local home improvement or gardening store and pick up a ready-to-go planter … or you could just make your own and here’s how.

First, mix up your cement by adding water to the ready-mix concrete in the proper ratio.
cement towel planter 1
The resulting mixture should be watery enough for the towel to soak it up. Next, grab your old bath towel and get ready to give it a new life. Dunk the towel into the concrete repeatedly. Making sure that every bit of the towel is covered is crucial.

Now, place the towel over a bucket and make sure any wrinkles on top are flattened. This is important so that the towel has a flat bottom when hardened.
cement towel planter 2
Let the towel dry for 24-48 hours, to make sure it’s completely hardened. The thickness of both the towel and concrete affect the drying time. The towel must be allowed to cure completely or it will eventually lose its shape.

Turn it upside down, remove the bucket, and voilĂ !
cement towel planter 3
Simply place your favorite plant inside, and it’s ready to display. The beauty of these planters is that no two are the same. You can try using a deeper bucket for a taller planter or a wider bucket for a larger one. They can be even further customized by using dye in the concrete mixture to match the rest of your home.


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