Mom Delivers ‘Doll-Like’ Baby With Black Eyes And 5 Years Later She Defies All Medical Odds

Emma and Scott Garside were thrilled to learn they were expecting a baby girl. Emma’s pregnancy was going along smoothly, and there was no indication that anything would go wrong. But when Charlotte was born in 2007, everyone was shocked.

Though Emma carried Charlotte in the womb for nearly 36 weeks, Charlotte was born the size of a tiny baby born 16 weeks early. She looked like a “porcelain doll” with her tiny body, prominent nose, small black eyes and delicate chin.

Then came the diagnosis no one saw coming. Charlotte was born with a form of primordial dwarfism so rare that it didn’t even have a name. The condition restricted her growth and caused feeding problems and brain abnormalities.

Doctors warned the parents that Charlotte, who was once known as the tiniest girl in the world, would not survive past the age of 1. “She looked like if you would pick her up, she would just snap in two,” Emma said.

In the video below, uploaded to YouTube in 2013, you’ll find out what happened to Charlotte following her day of birth. One thing’s for sure: this little girl again surprised everyone.

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