Family Withdraws Bid To Adopt Troubled Teen, Then Caseworker Tells Him She Ended The Search

With three children, Dawn and Brad Bailey had no intention of ever adopting a foster child. Then, during Thanksgiving 2015, a local television station aired an episode of A Place to Call Home, a series that works to shed light on adoption.

This one particular episode featured a 15-year-old boy named Chase who spent many years in foster care. Having experienced a lifetime of abuse and neglect, Chase dreamed of finding a forever family before he was too old to stay in the system.

Several years passed, and Chase remained without a home or a family to love him.

One by one, friends of Dawn and Brad began telling them about the special boy they saw on TV. The couple felt compelled to watch the episode and then look at his adoption profile online. They quickly realized they were being called on to adopt Chase into their family.

That’s when Haley Casey, Chase’s adoption specialist, received a phone call from Dawn and Brad. But Haley was all too used to this; families would call and show interest in Chase, only to then withdraw their applications to adopt him once they heard more about the troubled teen’s vast array of challenges and struggles. Haley expected this call would be no different.

But the Baileys’ phone call was very different from the rest.

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