They Made This Giant Area Rug For Only $30 And You Will Want To Try It Too

Stephanie Herbert is a blogger who enjoys documenting her DIY projects on her blog, A Scoop of Sherbert. One of her best projects to date is this large DIY area rug, which she made using inexpensive carpet squares and some carpet seaming tape from a local hardware store.

Here’s the rug she made. Can you believe it was less than $30 for the whole thing?

cheap giant rug 1

She started by laying her basic pattern down. She got the carpet squares off of Craigslist and local carpet stores for about $1-2 per square.

cheap giant rug 2

Initially, she tried to use duct tape (which is how she’d seen a friend do it back in college), but her rug was a little too large and it ended up a mess!

cheap giant rug 3

She did some research and opted for this carpet adhesive, which she got for just $4.

cheap giant rug 4

She cut it into strips prior to starting so that everything was ready to go.

cheap giant rug 5

Following the instructions on the package, she peeled the strips and attached the carpet squares.

cheap giant rug 6

She used squares that were relatively similar color tones and material, so that any gaps between the squares were barely noticeable.

cheap giant rug 7

The whole thing was finished off with some shelf liner from the Dollar Store to keep the rug from sliding around too much.

cheap giant rug 8

Voila! A beautiful area rug for less than $30!

cheap giant rug 9

In case you’re inspired to try this yourself, Stephanie has some tips:

1. Call around to several places and ask if they sell carpet squares (most do) and what kind of selection they have.
2. Go to more than one store before you buy.
3. I don’t think it would hurt to ask if they’d take $1/piece.¬†They were asking $2 for large squares but I asked. I cut the cost of my project in half.
4. Chances are you won’t find enough of the same color to make a monochromatic carpet. But, you should try to stick to one type of carpet to get a cohesive effect.
5. Buy a couple extra squares if you can so that you have more to work with to get a pattern you’re satisfied with.


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