She Was Only Married A Few Months When She Finds Messages On His Facebook Page

Sharon and Colin have know each other since 2000, were engaged in 2011 and the pair from Fort William, Scotland, got married 12 months later.  Colin wanted to help with the finances to pay for their wedding.  He left his male-dominated warehouse job and took a new position at Sainsbury’s, a local supermarket. 

Once Colin switched jobs, Sharon noticed strange changes in her husband. First, Colin started staying out later and then he started wearing aftershave and brand-new clothing.

Her suspicions grew strong when she noticed Colin spending more time on his cell phone than with her.

With her suspicions at an all time high, one day while he was out, Sharon logged into Colin’s Facebook account. Sarah was suddenly a scorned and heartbroken bride only three months after her wedding…

Sharon and Colin met in 2000. The pair from Fort William, Scotland, dated for many years.  Colin finally popped the question in 2011.

Sharon had the dream wedding she’d always wanted a year later.  Colin, was a shy and reserved man who Sharon knew she could trust. He never gave her a reason not to!

Colin worked at a warehouse with a male-dominated crew.

Colin took a new job at his local supermarket, Sainsbury’s, to pay for the wedding. Sharon was delighted to see Colin taking initiative. Colin suddenly found himself in the presence of more women at the grocery store where he worked was staffed by many female coworkers.

“It was as though a switch had been flicked and Colin was a new man,” Sharon said.  Her husband began staying out late and putting more effort into his physical appearance. 

When Sharon noticed Colin spending more time on his cell phone her suspicions grew stronger.  She was convinced he was seeing someone at Sainsbury’s.

Sharon made the decision to log into Colin’s Facebook account.

Sharon was shocked to find private messages.  Colin was texting three separate women whom she didn’t know.  He made arrangements to meet with them, he met some women online and others in a local bar where he played in a band.

The messages were all sent after he got his new job, where he became a “ladies’ man.”

“I saved the messages from the one woman and I let her know she was welcome to him over Facebook,” Sharon said.

In only three months after she married the man of her dreams Sharon’s marriage was over.

Sharon kicked Colin out of their home and filed for divorce. At 38 years old, Sharon is now sharing her story to warn other women to be “on the lookout” when their husbands or partners make a change in their normal routine, like beginning a new job.


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