Husband Was Shocked When He Saw His Wife’s Message On Her Friend’s Phone

I’ll give you the last hours of my marriage. I believed I was a happily married guy.

We were married for 5 years. No kids (Thank God). Monday morning my wife states she’s going shopping with her best friend, Jojo. I decide to get the upgrade to my phone. I get to the Verizon store and her best friend is there. Getting her phone switched over to a new phone. I ask to look at her phone, and she hands me her phone. At that exact second my wife sends her this text. “Howdy girl. I’m going to meet Dave again. If hubby asks, we went shopping and to an early movie. We’re at the Days Inn if you want to join us.” My blood instantly boiled.

I walked out with her phone in hand and drove straight to the Days Inn. I get there to see her car and only one other car in the lot. This place is a motel. I find their room easily. I pulled out my phone hit record and walked up to the door.

I kicked the door in. I’ve never kicked a door before, but it flew open so hard it closed itself again. the second kick broke that whole latch. I walk in my wife screamed I screamed a big Waahhhh back at her. Looked the at the fear on Dave’s face. I should mention that I do know Dave. Not well but know him. I am also much larger than he is.

Anyway I tell her we’re done and if she didn’t walk away empty handed I’d post this video for all to see. She walked away with nothing but her car and clothes. To Dave of course who left her weeks later high and dry and moved away. She tried to reconcile, but I was done.

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