He Places Hidden Camera On His Checked Luggage And What It Captures Is Disheartening…

Officials in Schiphol, Netherlands at the Amsterdam Airport placed a  portable camera on a piece of luggage. They recorded the luggage as it entered the processing system. After the luggage is manually loaded, it is carried very quickly along a long conveyor belt, in it’s way to a specific plane. The luggage passes from one conveyor belt to the next and ends up in a special yellow bin during transport.

What the video also shows is the luggage is not handled in a way that can cause any damage. It also shows how advanced the luggage handling system is to transport bags from one side of the airport to the other in a matter of minutes. In the final part of the video, we see a massive mechanical arm that plucks the luggage off the conveyor belt and gently rests it in the final destination.

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