Cheerleader Walks Up To Him With A Big Red Box. His Reaction When He Sees What’s Inside Is Priceless.

One of the defining moments of most high school students’ careers is their prom. The hype about finding the perfect date, the perfect dress and tux combo, and putting together the most magical evening is huge. Promposals have been known to be as extravagant as some wedding proposals… that’s how serious kids these days are about it!

Mikal Bartosik is a 17-year-old student at Park Vista High School in Florida. She is a member of the cheerleading squad, and has already attended two proms. She knows how important it is for everyone to be able to experience the occasion.

Ever since her junior year, Mikal began eating lunch with some non-cheerleaders. She took it upon herself to make friends with some of her classmates who are in the special education program… not out of pity or anything of the sort, but because she genuinely wanted to get to know them.

Over time, she became particularly good friends with a boy named Jonathan. Jonathan is an incredibly sweet, social, and caring person, and Mikal was able to see those qualities in him, while some of her other classmates were only able to see his autism.

Jonathan has never been to a prom before, but Mikal knew that he really wanted to go. Unless someone asked him, he’d most likely skip out. When Mikal caught wind of this, she knew exactly whom she wanted to spend her senior prom with: one of her kindest and most genuine friends. As reported by The Daily Mail, her friends tried to talk her out of it. When she walks into his classroom? Priceless.

Mikal plans to study nursing or special education in college.


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