Bizarre Combination Of Doritos And Cheese Make A Delicious Treat

Of all the chips in the world, there is no crunchy favorite quite like Doritos. You might think yourself a glutton for wolfing down a whole bag of the cheesy goodness, but according to The New York Times, there’s actually scientific reasons that explain why you can’t stop. First is the bright red or yellow colors, which have proven to attract consumers. Second is a “forgettable flavor,” made up of cheese, garlic and salt. No one outweighs the other, which avoids the feeling of fullness that comes with eating more dominant flavors. Last is that gold dust, costing the chips and your fingers, and providing a flavor burst that keeps you coming back for more.

Maybe we were tricked into loving Doritos, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious. It’s hard to think of way to make the snack even better, but Brandi Miloy of POPSUGAR Food has a recipe that made us drool. It’s cheesy, fried and takes mozzarella sticks to a whole new level – check it out.


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