According To Doctors, You Should Stop Removing Chicken Skin Because It’s Actually Good For You

From a culinary point of view removing the chicken skin was always boggling, since people spend a lot of time seasoning and preparing the skin, only to remove it after the cooking process. It didn’t make much sense, but many do this for “diet” reasons.

Well now it turns out, health professionals are now advising against removing and discarding your chicken skin. You can enjoy your chicken skin without all the guilt!

Chicken skin is good for your heart!  It’s not just fat, and often get a bad rep. We are in fact trying to avoid trans fats usually from processed foods, which can contribute to high blood pressure, and plaque build-up in the arteries.

However, monounsaturated fats, like those found in fatty fish and avocados, are good for you due to the omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain health. Unsaturated fat,  the fat found in chicken skin, contains omega-6 fatty acids which are beneficial too.

When you remove the skin you’re just pinching calories!  If you’re a calorie counter, how much or little you need to eat in order to meet a particular fitness goal, the act of removing your chicken skin is moot since it will only be fifty calories (on a 12 oz. chicken breast).

Calories are not necessarily your enemy. When it comes to your metabolism, it isn’t the amount of calories that you intake, but the quality and rate of activity that you balance with it.

Chicken skin provides the flavor you need without anything extra! Chicken skin left on during the cooking process produces moist chicken. So it only makes sense that you would season the skin before-hand in order to infuse flavor into the chicken.


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