Hero Saves A Child Being Beaten By His Father

I was waiting in line for a ferry in Washington state. In case you’ve never been there, it is a big parking lot, and everyone waits in their cars till you load up on the ferry.

The guy next to me obviously does not know I am looking at him and he turns around and smacks his crying 2-year-old while his 6-7-year-old daughter is watching. He hit him 7-8 times in a pure rage style beating. He looks over and notices I am watching and tries to pretend nothing happened.

I get out of my truck and start to head over to the bomb dog cop. As I am heading over there, he runs up stops me and asks me what I think I am doing? I kept trying to get around him without a confrontation, but he kept pushing me. I tried to sneak by and he tripped me. I got up walked into plain view of the officer, and the dude punches me in the back of the head then spit in my face. The officer saw all of this and came up and put the guy in cuffs. All of this is in view of the small children in his car.

So I took a punch and got spat on my face but in the end, the children were taken into protective custody, and I pressed full charges. There was another witness to the guy hitting the kid, and they had security footage of the guy assaulting me, so I didn’t even have to go to court!

I am no hero, but you hurt a kid; I will follow up and make sure you get yours.

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