After His Ex-Wife Left, He Raised Her Son As If He Were His Own

His mother left us when he was 1. I went to a lawyer when he was 2 asking about the process of getting custody. This was the early 2000’s, in Mississippi, and at the time (not sure if it’s changed), unless his mother formally established residence in another state, she was still fully in her rights to come back and take him whenever she wanted.

The lawyer advised since it looked like it was going to be contested at the time, me to get a DNA test because the family judge I probably would be going in front of had recently had one of his cases overturned due to a conflicting paternity test. Apparently, from that point on, he was requiring them as a matter of course.

Came back negative. Got another one. Negative as well.

Waited a few months, called the lawyer back. The first question out of his mouth was about the results. I told him I was my son’s father. He said that’s fine, but what did the paternity test say. I told him the truth. He paused for a second, asked me if I was sure about what I wanted. I didn’t even take the time to think before blurting out yes.

That was 13 years ago.

I kept him and continue to raise him as mine.


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