Rich Man Insults Young Mother And Asks For A “Child-Free” Section On Flights


The gentleman in seat 4A quickly stowed his overhead bag and settled into the plush leather seat in the first class cabin. Across the aisle, a fellow traveler was accepting a glass of champagne from the tall, slim flight attendant. The remaining seats were filling up quickly with middle-aged businessmen heading back to New York.

As I adjusted my seat belt, I sensed all eyes turning to the latest arrival to enter the first class cabin. A stunning, blond woman was checking her ticket for her seat assignment. All eyes watched her very closely. The man across from me held his breath.

When the woman stopped by seat 3B and made it clear she was not just passing through on her way to coach, the men looked horrified. Instead of being delighted to have this attractive woman as a seat companion, the men looked downright panicked.