Son Was Sad When Dad Missed His Childhood, Until They Began Movie Night

My dad owns/is the president of a fairly large company he started right out of college. When I was young, he travelled internationally a lot still trying to establish the company.

For a few years when I was probably 7-10ish, he was gone probably 15 days a month on average -sometimes more, sometimes less. My mom was pretty strict about what we were allowed to watch (movies and tv) up until I was about 14-15. So naturally, I would hear my friends at school talk about all the cool movies they watched and it sucked.

One night my dad got home from the airport and told my mom that he had to go to the office to finish up some work and that he was going to take me with him since I hadn’t seen him in a few days. So we got in the car and started driving to his office. On the way, we stopped and got a pizza.

Then he pulled into the block buster parking lot and went into the store. He came back out and put the bag in the trunk and said he had a surprise. When we got to his office, we went into the conference room and he showed me what he got at blockbuster: a 2 liter bottle of soda (which I wasn’t supposed to have), one of those huge popcorn buckets (mom didn’t want us to eat microwave popcorn either), and the first Pirates of the Caribbean (again, not supposed to watch that).

So we had a movie night on the projector in the conference room with pizza and popcorn. We started doing that 2 or 3 times a month for the next couple years – pig out on junk food and watch movies that my dad wanted to see but my mom wouldn’t let me watch with him. To this day she still has no idea we did any of that.


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