She Was Dining With Her Baby When Two Customers Dropped A Note On Her Table…

When Katie Leach brought her 10-month-old son, Drew, to Texas Roadhouse in Boise, Idaho, for dinner, she got a surprising note from another customer. Her baby Drew had found his “voice” and began yelling while at the restaurant.

children in restaurants

“He will yell when I tell him no, when he’s super excited and happy, or just for no reason at all,” Leach said. “I’m doing my best to teach him indoor voice and to not yell back at me when telling him no.”

While at the restaurant, two customers who were sitting at another table dropped a note for Leach as they walked by.

“Thank you for ruining our dinner with your screaming kid. Sincerely, the table behind you,” the note read.

When Leach tried to apologize to the woman, she responded that her grandchildren “never behave like that.”  Leach said she might have been more understanding if her son wasn’t just 10 months old.

The restaurant’s manager immediately came to the mother’s defense. She told the two women to finish their meal, and leave. Then she paid for Leach’s meal and told Katie that Drew was welcome to come back anytime.

“We’re in the hospitality business,” Texas Roadhouse spokesman Travis Doster said. “We want all our guests to have a great experience. We were voted one of the loudest restaurants by Consumer Reports. We are proud to be loud. If you want to hear clinking wine glasses and clinking forks, then this probably isn’t the place for you.”


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