Funny Pictures Of Cats Who Don’t Understand How Christmas Works

The holidays can be a confusing time for cats. The tree with all the ribbons and shiny balls drive felines a little crazy at Christmas.

The 21 cats in these photos are trying their best to celebrate Christmas, but they haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. By the time they figure out this holiday thing, it’ll be over.

1. “If I sit real still, can I stay for a while?”

2. “What’s this strange thing?”

3. This cat is on a mission to eat Christmas.

4. There’s nothing like the moment when you plug in the tree for the first time.

5. This kitty is as beautiful as any ornament.

6. “I’m Santa Claws!”

7. “It’s shiny. So sparkly. I must touch.”

8. Poor kitty, he just wanted to help wrap presents.

9. Something tells me this is not his first time up the tree.

10. Looks like someone got cat nip for Christmas! The dog is not impressed.

11. This cat is celebrating the holidays or auditioning for season two of “Stranger Things.”