20 Brilliant Tips To Make House Cleaning Quick And Easy

Cleaning up has never been so simple and fast — all you need to do is remember these tricks.

Keeping taps clean for a long time

Cleaning tricks1

To keep chrome surfaces shiny for as long as possible, wipe them with waxed paper or a cooking sheet. Soon you’ll see that cleaning the bathroom is much easier than you thought.

An improvised mop

Cleaning tricks2

Have you ever started cleaning up the house and then saw that your old mop won’t do the job? To save your time going to the shop for a new one, use warm terry socks instead.

Cleaning baking dishes

Cleaning tricks3

Rub some salt into the dish, then wipe it with a paper towel, and the dough will come off easily.

Giving your stove a new life

Cleaning tricks4

Stains and splotches will not bother you anymore if you wipe the surface of your stove with an olive oil-soaked mop and then wipe it clean with a dry one.

Getting rid of stains on your couch

Cleaning tricks5

Mix 1 tbsp. soda, 1/3 glass vinegar, some hot (not boiling) water, and 1 tbsp. powder detergent, and rub the mix into the stain. The soda will then help freshen the fabric — sprinkle some on the dry sofa, let it stay like that for a couple of hours, and then vacuum it.

Washing a scorched pan

Cleaning tricks6

Pour a little water into the pan, add a cup of vinegar, then boil the mix. When it starts to simmer, take it off the stove and add some soda, then pour out the water when the reaction stops. If some of the scorches remain, carefully rub some soda into the pan.

Making glassware shine

Cleaning tricks7

Your glasses will become perfectly clear if you wash them in water with a few drops of vinegar, or rub them with salt and then wash and let them dry without wiping.

Cleaning the coffee-maker

Cleaning tricks8

Pour water and vinegar in equal parts into the coffee-maker. Now turn it on, but turn it off halfway, then repeat the whole process.

Getting the dust off your shelves

Cleaning tricks9

Soak your mop in fabric softener before cleaning. This way the dust won’t cling to the furniture, meaning you have to do a whole lot less cleaning!

Cleaning stained cups

Cleaning tricks10

Mix some water with the same amount of vinegar and pour it into your cups. Let them stay like this for about an hour, and then wash them with a sponge — there will be no stains left.

Polishing the iron

Cleaning tricks11

Put a sheet of parchment on a wooden cutting board, then spray it copiously with salt. Turn on the iron, let it heat, and move it energetically over the salt for a minute.

Getting rid of mold in the bathroom easily

Cleaning tricks12

To prevent the mold from growing, dissolve one tablet of Vitrocin in five liters of water and wash the walls with this solution. If the mold is already there, dissolve one tablet in one liter of water and do the same. And don’t forget to air your bathroom!

Cleaning out a pipe

Cleaning tricks13

Mix equal parts of soda and salt, then pour it into the pipe. Now pour some vinegar in as well, and rinse everything with boiling water after 15 minutes.

Making the bathtub pristine white

Cleaning tricks14

Mix 2 tbsp. soda ash with 2 tbsp. baking soda and rub it into the wet tub. Mix 2 oz. vinegar with 2 oz. bleach after 10 minutes, and cover over the first layer. Leave the tub like this for half an hour, then rinse it with a large amount of water.

Getting rid of grease and scorched food remains

Cleaning tricks15

All you need for this one is some salt. Pour a large amount into the frying pan and add a little water, then let it stay like this for ten minutes and wash the pan.

Washing grease and dirt off a sponge

Cleaning tricks16

Pour 2 cups hot water and 2 tbsp. salt into a plastic container, stir a bit, and leave the sponge in it for the night.

Getting rid of soap stains on shower walls

Cleaning tricks17

To get rid of soap stains on a transparent shower stall, rub the walls with a wet wipe, then use a clean sponge, and rinse them with water after that.

Cleaning up a broken egg

Cleaning tricks18

The easiest way to clean up if you’ve dropped an egg on the floor is to sprinkle it with salt and leave it for 15 minutes, and then pick it all up with a paper towel.

Making the sink shine

Cleaning tricks19

Just rub the sink with salt and lemon. When it’s done, your sink will shine and smell wonderfully.

Freshening the sofa

Cleaning tricks20

To get rid of the smell of your pets or just make your furniture nice and crisp again, add 10 drops of lavender or lemon oil to a spray bottle, mix it with 1 tbsp. soda and 2 glasses warm water, shake it together vigorously, and spray it all over the fabric.


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