19 Clever Cooking Tricks To Make Your Life A Lot Easier

11. Add balsamic vinegar to all sorts of dishes, from fruit to pasta. The vinegar is not only delicious, but has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
clever cooking hacks 11

12. Adding breadcrumbs to burgers keep them from crumbling apart during cooking.
clever cooking hacks 12

13. For caramelized meat, melt butter and two tablespoons of sugar into a pan. Add the meat after the sugar melts for a delicious effect.
clever cooking hacks 13

14. For crisp, textured layers in crust, add vodka to the dough. The alcohol evaporates while it’s being cooked, and the dough is left puffy and soft.
clever cooking hacks 14

15. Add cornstarch to eggs while you’re making them for enhanced flavor and faster cooking time.
clever cooking hacks 15

16. Rub baking soda on meat to tenderize it.
clever cooking hacks 16

17. Add corn flour or corn nacho chips to chili to thicken the texture. Mix the flour with beer before adding it for a different flavor.
clever cooking hacks 17

18. In order to properly roast meat, beforehand you should salt it, rinse under water, then dry the meat.
clever cooking hacks 18

19. Add a little baking soda to fresh-brewed iced tea to soften the bitterness.
clever cooking hacks 19

I’m definitely going to try that iced tea trick. That looks amazing!


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