Placing A Clothespin On Your Ear Sounds Strange, But The Reason Is Actually Brilliant

When you view medicating as a last resort for your aches and pains, you need to stay informed on ways to feel better naturally, such as yoga, reflexology and acupressure. These methods have you place clothespins on certain spots of your earlobe to offer a tension release. It relies on the ears having complex nerve endings that form a virtual map of your entire body, however, this method shouldn’t replace actual medical advice, but it’s definitely worth a try.

There are six pressure points on your ears, each connected to a certain part of your body. Applying pressure, with a clothespin or even your fingers, can help relieve aches and pains in those areas.
put clothespin on ear 1

The uppermost part of your ear is connected to the back and shoulders. Apply pressure for about a minute.
put clothespin on ear 2

The next spot down is connected to the internal organs. Obviously, severe pains should be examined by a medical professional immediately, but this can help with minor aches.
put clothespin on ear 3

The upper-middle part of the ear is associated with the joints. Again, chronic problems must be examined by a doctor, but this is great for the occasional discomfort.
put clothespin on ear 4

If you’ve got some sinus issues, pressure to the lower-middle part of the ear can help.
put clothespin on ear 5

Just above your earlobe is the area associated with digestion. Stimulate this spot to relieve minor stomach aches and digestive discomfort.
put clothespin on ear 6

The lowest part of the ear, the lobe, is connected to the head and heart. It’s a pretty good way to eliminate pressure headaches as well as promote heart health.
put clothespin on ear 7


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