Bride Welcomes Husband’s Ex To Join In Their Wedding Ceremony

When Katie Hild married Jeremy, she also made some vows to his son, Landon, from his previous marriage. She promised to love and take care of him. It was a very sweet gesture.

co parenting vows

But a more surprising one was when Katie asked Jeremy’s ex-wife and her new husband to stand during her ceremony. She had invited Casey and her husband Tyler to her wedding because she wanted to make sure that she and Jeremy could be a great blended family with Casey and her husband because little Landon depended on all of them.

So after Casey stood at the wedding, Katie thanked her for accepting her as her friend and allowing her to be a part of Landon’s life. She promised to be an amazing mother to her son, saying “I will guide, teach and help him every single day.” She promised to respect, work, listen and communicate with the parents. She ended her vows to Jeremy’s ex-wife and husband with, “I will love you guys no matter what comes our way. We are one family always.”

co parenting vows

It’s not every day that the ex becomes such an integral part of a marriage ceremony. But this showed great strength and willingness to work together, and it should encourage others to do their best together for the sake of the children that will be in their care.

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