A Horrific Car Crash Takes Their 3 Kids Away. 6 Months Later, Mom Is Pregnant With Triplets

What Lori and Chris Coble experienced is an insurmountable amount of pain. One fateful day, while Lori was driving her three children Kyle, Emma, and Katie home, disaster struck. A big rig tow truck carrying 40,000 pounds of merchandise smashed into the back of the family’s minivan.

Lori has no recollection of the day’s events. What happened next, she only knows what was told to her. She and her children were taken to separate hospitals, as her husband Chris awaited the news of his family. It seemed that one by one, the husband and father was told that each of his children had passed away. As Chris and Lori sought out justice against the driver and the truck driving industry that took away their children’s lives, just six months later they got the news of an unbelievable miracle…

See the Coble family’s heartbreaking journey below…

coble triplets miracle

In May of 2007, the Coble family experienced a devastating tragedy. While Mom, Lori, was driving home with her three children — 5-year-old Kyle, 4-year-old Emma, and 2-year-old Katie — a truck carrying 20 tons of electronics crashed into the back of their minivan. The truck was driving 70 mph.

Lori has no recollection of the incident; her husband Chris had to tell her that her beloved children were dead.

coble triplets miracle

The truck driver, Jorge Miguel Romero, who had a history of speeding, pleaded no contest to three counts of vehicular manslaughter.

coble triplets miracle

After the accident, the couple took on the truck driving industry, hoping to change policies and save lives.

“This is an industry that’s based on payment on miles driven,” Chris Coble told Meredith Vieira. “For a lot of truckers, if that truck isn’t rolling, they’re not getting paid, which really sets up an entire industry where it promotes danger and real safety concerns. These truckers are speeding and they’re tired and we’d like to get that changed.”

But just six months after the tragedy, it seemed Chris and Lori had a cause for hope…

coble triplets miracle

The couple became pregnant with triplets: two girls and one boy, just like before. For Lori and Chris, it was clear that their kids had a hand in creating their brother and sisters.

“Your mind can’t even think otherwise. If you feel they’re somewhere watching over you, protecting you, and something like this happens, it’s hard to think that somehow they weren’t involved in crafting this,” Chris said.

coble triplets miracle

In May 2015, Ashley, Ellie, and Jake celebrated their seventh birthday.

“I think it’s a miracle. I think Kyle, Emma, and Katie had something to do with this. I think they helped us, I think they made this possible,” Lori says.

coble triplets miracle

While nothing can replace the loss of three children, the unending love of Kyle, Emma, and Katie’s new siblings will help this family to move forward.

See more of the Coble family’s story in the video below.

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