The Three Surprising Flavor Enhancers That Will Pump Both You and Your Coffee to the Max

Coffee: we love it, we dress it up, we drink it, and we depend on it for energy every single day. And most of us have heard that caffeine has many real health attributes, from curing migraines to tightening our skin, and more.

Of course, most of us don’t just drink coffee by itself. We add whatever sounds most delicious to it, from pumpkin spice to white chocolate and everything in between. But did you know that some of these additions can actually enhance coffee’s health-restoring properties?

Take, for example, cinnamon. While we all know how delicious this ancient spice is on French toast and those breakfast rolls drizzled with sugary icing, we may not be as aware that cinnamon is actually a super-food. It can lower your blood sugar and even boost your metabolism, while fighting the dreaded fat cells that plague so many of us.

Not all forms of cinnamon are created equal, mind you. This popular spice emanates from the bark of evergreen trees that grow in the small country of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), to the south of India. Another cinnamon variety grows in Asian countries and is known as cassia. Look for either one to enjoy with your morning beverage.

Cinnamon offers properties that fight the body’s tendencies towards inflammation, which many medical professionals believe underlies most forms of illness. It does this by fighting “free radicals,” but not the political kind: these are agents that move inside your body and cause destruction, if left unchecked.

Another popular fluid you might consider adding to your morning Joe is a surprising one: coconut oil. You’ve probably heard this substance touted for its many health benefits, and these include fat-burning capabilities.

Finally, there is that age-old delicious topping that has been used around the world for eons: honey. With its obvious natural sugar component, honey boosts our energy and thus enhances caffeine’s already vitality-producing properties. With its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (including the all-important B6, C, and iron), honey can even bring down your cholesterol and reduce your stress levels. The one caveat for this one is to select only the raw variety for the best outcome.

Check online for many options of how to enjoy these flavor-enhancing coffee boosters to make your morning, and your life, pack more punch every single day. Your body, and your energy level, will thank you.


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