Instead Of Trashing Coffee Grounds, Use Them In These Interesting Ways

Most of us love to start our mornings making a fresh pot of coffee. But that delicious ritual can sometimes leave quite a mess. You probably just throw the coffee grounds in the trash.

It turns out, there are many useful ways to use coffee grounds!  See the list below and you will never throw them in the garbage ever again!

1. Fertilizer

Coffee grounds uses1

The grounds attract worms and are great for both water retention and drainage, making for some very happy plants!

2. Pest Control

Coffee grounds uses2

You may love the smell of coffee, but lots of unwanted garden critters don’t.

3. Compost

Coffee grounds uses3

Coffee grounds add extra nitrogen to your compost.

4. Carrots

Coffee grounds uses4

Carrots love coffee grounds! Adding some to the soil makes carrots grow faster.

5. Pans

Coffee grounds uses5

Easily remove grit from your pans by scrubbing them with coffee grounds!

6. Fridge

Coffee grounds uses6

They’ll zap the stink from your fridge in a hurry.

7. Sink

Coffee grounds uses7

Putting some in your drain can get rid of terrible sink smells.