Don’t Just Toss Your Coffee Grounds Away. Use Them For Any Of These Awesome Ideas Instead…

There are thousands of ways you can go about making your own homemade coffee, but pretty much every method leaves you with old coffee grounds that you have to throw away. The grounds can sometimes cause a serious mess and can feel very wasteful to just throw away, but what else is there to do with them?

Lucky for you, we put together an awesome list of things you can do with old coffee grounds.

1. Fertilizer

coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are excellent at retaining water and can give a serious boost to your plants.

2. Compost

coffee grounds

Your coffee grounds hold a lot of nitrogen and work great as compost.

3. Cleaning Pans

coffee grounds

It sounds weird, but a handful of old coffee grounds can do wonders in cleaning the grime off of your dirty kitchen pans.

4. Growing Carrots

coffee grounds

Carrots love coffee as much as you do, so put some in your soil and your carrots will thank you later.

5. Pest Control

coffee grounds

Most insects want nothing to do with the smell of coffee, so you can put some old grounds around areas that you want to keep pest free.

6. Cleaning Your Sink

coffee grounds

Your fridge isn’t the only thing in your kitchen than can stink. Putting some coffee grounds down your drain can help with the nasty smell.

7. In The Shower

coffee grounds

Don’t be grossed out! Coffee grounds have been shown to be great for your skin.

8. Fridge Deodorizer

coffee grounds

Does your fridge have an uncontrollable stench? Put some coffee grounds in there and your fridge will be smelling much better.

9. Candles

coffee grounds

Making candles out of coffee grounds is a quick way to get your home smelling fantastic.

10. Washing Your Hands

coffee grounds

If your hands need a serious scrub, coffee grounds can help eliminate all the bad smells staining your skin.

11. In Your Hair

coffee grounds

Coffee grounds aren’t just good for your skin, but they can also give your hair a brand new shine.


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