Waitress Prevented Her When A Drunk Sat At Her Table

This happened a few months back, but I really felt like I should share it. I was driving to a friend’s house who lives 40 minutes away from me and on the way my friend asked me to pick up to go food from Sonny’s BBQ.

Around 8:30 at night, I pulled over at the exit on the highway, and went inside and ordered to go food. I sat there quietly for a few moments and then a very drunk man came into the restaurant. He was a very loud, had extremely bad language, and took notice that I was sitting by myself. He began talking to me and asked where my boyfriend was, why was I sitting alone, and implied that he wasn’t seeing anyone either. I was very nervous: I was basically in the middle of nowhere, at night, and my friend was still a good 10 miles away. He kept trying to sit closer and closer, getting more and more frustrated that I wasn’t answering.

After 20 minutes of this harassment,  the waitress arrived with the to go food. She did not just have my food, but the man’s as well. Just as we both picked up our food, the waitress says, ” You know what, I forgot something for your order, just wait a second.” I sat back down, and the man also waited. 5 minutes went by, and the man finally says his goodbyes and leaves. As soon as he walked out, the waitress comes to me and says, ” I really didn’t forget anything in your order, I just didn’t want you to walk out at the same time with that creep. I think he is still in the parking lot, so let me walk you to your car.”

Out we both went, into the parking lot. I got in my car, thanked her profusely, locked the doors and watched her walk into the restaurant. The next day I called her manager and the regional manager and told them what had happened and how grateful I was to her. I was so impressed by how above and beyond this waitress went for my safety.

She recognized an uncomfortable situation and took action to make sure I was safe. I guess it’s just nice to know that good Samaritans are looking out for you, even at a Sonny’s BBQ.

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