She Is Curious As To Why Her Neighbors Leave Coolers On Their Porches. Then She Finds This Out…

They’re out there every day. You might not even see them. You might not even think about them. This is part of what makes being a letter carrier such a thankless job. Many people these days even forget about the common courtesy of tipping on Christmas. That seems to be changing however, at least if the folks of The Village, Oklahoma, are any indication. Unlike The Village of the eponymous movie, these friends and neighbors love to have folks visit their doorsteps.

What they find waiting for them is a cooler full of ice cold water. In some cases, there’s even a slew of options, like energy drinks, sodas, and Gatorade. It’s a simple gesture that can make the world of difference on a sweltering day. After all, walking down the street in high heat can be brutal enough. Now try it with 50 pounds of mail on your back.

Many folks have responded to this video by saying they don’t just reserve this warm weather treat for letter carriers. Sanitation workers, other delivery employees, even random visitors stopping by can all get in on the action. This is one of those true acts of charity that can do so much for so many, yet barely takes any effort and only costs a few bucks. So what are you waiting for? Dig out that spare cooler and wash it off for what’s sure to be a scorching summer!



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