Cop Checks Home Of Reported Child Abuse But Doesn’t Know He’s About To Meet His Son There

In 2015, Officer Jody Thompson was just about to start his day at the police station in Poteau, Oklahoma, when a call of child abuse went out on the radio.

Jody quickly decided to drive to the scene to see if his assistance was needed — but he had no idea he was to meet his future son.

The scene inside the house was horrifying and heartbreaking. Jody was shocked to discover a scared and confused 8-year-old boy bound by his hands and feet with rope. He was starving, covered in bruises, and soaking wet. The boy had reportedly been submerged in a trash can and held in the shower.

Jody rushed the boy to the hospital and remained by his side while he recovered in ICU. But here’s where the story takes an incredible turn.

Jody and his wife adopted the boy, John, into their family. Today, John Thompson is a straight-A student and in the gifted program at school. He is now getting all the love and care he deserves.

The story doesn’t end there, though. While going through the adoption process with John, Jody and his wife learned John’s biological mom gave birth to a baby girl while in jail.

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