They Married At A Very Young Age. She Was Stunned At What Her Husband Was Capable Of

We married young, at 18 and 20. We met when I was 15. We only knew dysfunctional bitter families. One side poor drug addicts and one side high middle class, high credit reliant nacassists. We didn’t have anyone to teach us how to do this.

We waited to have kids and let our mistakes dig the hole we found our selves in only a year after being married. It still hurts to think how much money and debt we went through but in a learned a lesson way.

We started digging out of that hole in 2006. We got out of it and got a house in 2009 when our daughter was 3 months old. You suffered through the loss of your mom, grandfather, and close friends that year. We suffered through health issues that started that year for me.

But we did it.

It got really hard in 2012. We were pregnant again. I had to stop working. Three cars died that year alone. We ended up on Medicaid. But we were 30$ over the monthly income cap for food stamps. Our daughter was diagnosed autistic.

Then that guy you knew, the one you worked with gave you a heads up about a job. Because he knew you were a good guy and had some struggles.

You got through three interviews, my mom bought you clothes for it. You were terrified of the new job but you got it.

You negotiated a 100k salary.

We bought a new car.

We caught up with bills and we are paying off medical debt.

We can eat without me selling something or delaying a bill.

We fixed our old house we got as a HUD home. It sold and we profited 32k. We are buying a new home with that money down. Our kids are going to one of the best public schools in the county. We can pursue if our son is also autistic and deal with my brain tumor. (benign but grows)

I am scared about the next steps in our lives and the ability to go back to school my self. In three years we went from poverty to comfortable because of you. You are talented and intelligent and resourceful. No matter what you tell your self on the inside.

But at this point, we have become so much more than those young stupid people we were 15 years ago.

I have told you and will continue to tell you how great of a husband and partner you are. I look forward to this next chapter together, of savings and being able to support these two kids and give them what we were denied.

I just wanted to share this with couples who are in any kind of debt… If you trust each other & keep trying hard there is hope. I wish the best for all of you & thanks for reading

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