She Dug Up Her Garden’s Edge And Created Something Beautiful…

When it comes to your garden, you only want the best of everything. You’ve painstakingly planted and tended to your flowers and plants under the sun, and the quality time that you spend to bring these organisms to life is just as important and satisfying as the final outcomes. While it is important to give your plant beds a lot of TLC, don’t forget about the limitless possibilities for garden edging as well! They can add some protection to your precious plants while also enhancing the visual appeal of your garden.


Creative Garden Ideas

Pandas absolutely love bamboo – and you will too! They are easily grown, sustainable, and require virtually no maintenance. Plus, they look oh-so-cute in just about any garden or yard. It really doesn’t get much better than that.


Creative Garden Ideas

Shells may come from the ocean, but that doesn’t mean they have no business on land. Just look at how well they can accent the flowers and plants in your garden! Get creative and line your garden with different types of shells to see what best matches your greenery.


Creative Garden Ideas

Guess what type of garden edging is guaranteed to not clash with your herb garden? An herb edging! If you want to keep it simple and elegant, then feel free to line your garden with some healthy herbs. They are guaranteed to flourish too, as they will be sharing the nutrient-rich soil around them.

Cinder Blocks

Creative Garden Ideas

Cinder blocks are a durable and cost-effective option for your garden edging. Not only can they double as individual planters for your flowers and plants, but they also provide natural drainage for them as well! Try planting some gorgeous succulents in the cinder-block edging – it looks absolutely stunning!


Creative Garden Ideas

If you want a more rustic or natural ambience for your garden, wooden logs are the way to go. They go well with most greenery, and the length of the logs can be adjusted to your taste.


Creative Garden Ideas

If you have some old scrap boards lying around, then this is the perfect opportunity to make good use of them. Don’t worry if the boards you have on hand are not uniform in length or width – it just adds to the diversity. The best part is that you can customize them any way you’d like. Paint them your favorite color, decorate them with words or patterns – the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Paver Stones

Creative Garden Ideas

Looking for something more classic and traditional? Paver stones are your answer. This simple, timeless style will give your garden a clean look while letting the flowers and plants take the spotlight. After all, you painstakingly planted those to show them off!

Metal Pipes

Creative Garden Ideas

Metal pipes may not be one of the first options that come to mind when you think about decorating your elegant yard, but just wait until you see what they can do for your garden utopia! Not only do they provide protection and support in your flower and plant beds, but they can also be planted in as well! They make a great home for pretty succulents, or you can just fill the holes with some rocks for a simple finish.

Stacked Stones

Creative Garden Ideas

Stacked stones are a fantastic option for those who get bored of uniform, consistent patterns that many garden edgings produce. With these stones, each piece is unique and can give your garden a beautiful, natural-looking lining. The best part is that your edging will not likely require mortar to keep the stones together if you keep your edging under 18 inches.

Wine Bottles

Creative Garden Ideas

If you’re truly looking for something out of the ordinary, then try your hand at this wine-bottle edging. If you have accumulated tons of wine bottles in the past few years from all the dinners and parties that you’ve hosted, now is the time to let them shine. Simply insert the wine bottle upside down into the ground, and you will have formed a creative, unique garden edging. Plus, you’ll finally get to show off just how good your taste in wine really is.

Woven Wattle

Creative Garden Ideas

This option may take a little bit more work, but the pure beauty and simplicity of its look will be more than worth it. Especially if you have a bigger garden, this woven wattle of thin branches can make your garden look elegant and majestic. Simply stunning!

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