Photographer Has Unique Way Of Capturing Special Moments Using Wedding Rings

Photographer Peter Adams-Shawn knows a thing or two about taking pictures at weddings since his eye-reflection wedding photos went viral last year.  He is now back with an all-new series that takes the art of wedding photography to a totally new level. Scroll down to see and learn about Peter’s incredible new project and see why it has become the next big thing in wedding photography.

For six years, Peter has been experimenting with “ring-reflection photography.”
creative wedding photography 1

It’s a genre that’s almost entirely his own, and the results speak for themselves.
creative wedding photography 2

Wedding photos don’t get more glamorous than this.
creative wedding photography 3

creative wedding photography 4

creative wedding photography 5

The name of the project is “Ringscapes.”
creative wedding photography 6

His reflection style has become the hottest new trend for newlyweds.
creative wedding photography 7

Peter says that setting up and editing the photos took a lot of time and patience, but once he figured out how to do it, the result was better than anyone ever expected.
creative wedding photography 8
So what will Peter do to top this series of photos? According to Bored Panda, he is working on a series of bubble-reflection photography. We can’t wait to see.


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