8-Year-Old Sees Friend Was Denied Lunch Due To Lack Of Money So He Raises Money For Everyone

Sometimes, it takes a child to show adults how to be truly magnanimous. For Cayden Taipalus, that opportunity came when he noticed a fellow classmate in the third grade at his Michigan school was unable to buy a hot lunch. Instead, his friend was given a cold cheese sandwich.


A thoughtful child, Cayden talked to his mother Amber about what he could do to help other kids who were in his friend’s predicament.


Being a child of the social media age, the first thing Cayden came up with was a crowdfunding page. Calling it “Pay It Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry,” the enterprising young man then went about promoting his concept to everyone he knew, in an effort to get an actual “hot lunch fund” up and running at his school.


Wanting to get the most into the lunch coffers as he possibly could, Cayden even picked up recyclable items he could gather and return for cash, all with the goal of making sure his fellow students’ bellies were full of a hot meal on each school day. He even saw to it that the lunch fund stayed well-endowed with money, and as of now, has raised some $7,000, which has gone towards more than 300 students’ lunches who would otherwise not have been able to afford them.


Not surprisingly, Amber is extremely proud of her young son.

“He has a heart of gold,” Cayden’s mom said of her boy. And no one can possibly contradict the truth of that statement.


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