Guy Notices Something In The Sky And Starts Recording. What He Captures, No One Can Explain.

A man in Greenwood, IN was out riding his bike when he noticed a weird light behind the clouds . So he got out his phone and recorded it so he could show others what he saw. At first glance it almost looks like a piece of the sun is going rogue and flashing lights behind the clouds . After recording it he posted it online crediting the strange light phenomenon to HAARP, which stands for High Frequency Active Aural Research Program.

However, after many viewers commented their theories on what is going on he changed the name to Crown Flash explaining, “After getting so many replies saying it wasn’t HAARP I’m changing the name to Crown Flash. A Crown Flash is when ice particles get aligned in the same direction from the electromagnetic field created during a thunderstorm. It’s usually invisible to the naked eye but the way the sun hits it, it makes it visible to the naked eye kind of like a rainbow.” Here is the video he took of the strange light doing strange things in the sky:


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