Examples Of Tea From All Over The World

Tea has long received world-wide recognition as one of the most refreshing drinks ever invented — any tea lover can easily vouch for that. Yet its simplicity is deceptive: in fact, tea is a mysterious drink, steaming with endless possibilities, which can be brewed in many different ways and from a variety of ingredients.

We suggests we all sit down and make a cup of rich aromatic tea — and celebrate its diversity with the entire world!

cup of tea examples 1
Matcha tea is made of finely ground high quality leaves of green tea. It very much differs from a classic cup of tea as we know it. The powder is thoroughly whisked in a cup, and if everything is done correctly, you will get a vivid green mixture.

cup of tea examples 2
The photo shows some Darjeeling tea. This variety is grown in the highlands of India and in the Himalayas.

Great Britain
cup of tea examples 3
The British like to add milk to black tea to get a creamy texture and look.

cup of tea examples 4
Strong tea is served in small glasses with a lump of sugar.

cup of tea examples 5
Tibetan tea is made with milk, yak butter and salt. It has a charismatic but bitter taste.

cup of tea examples 6
Moroccans enjoy refreshing green tea with mint.

Hong Kong
cup of tea examples 7
In Hong Kong people add condensed milk to tea, and serve it cold or with ice cubes.

cup of tea examples 8
This tea can be served either hot or cold, as long as it’s got the most important ingredient: balls of tapioca.

cup of tea examples 9
Americans like black tea with lemon and sugar. Baking soda can also be added for a softer texture.

cup of tea examples 10
Black tea is by far the most popular one. The stronger the better.

cup of tea examples 11
Masala tea is made with spices and dairy butter.

cup of tea examples 12
Thai tea consists of various Thai herbs, milk and ice.

cup of tea examples 13
The Chinese like Pu-erh tea most of all. It’s sold in the form of pressed cubes or balls.

cup of tea examples 14
Egyptians like black tea without sugar. Hibiscus tea is reserved for wedding celebrations

cup of tea examples 15
Mongolians literally cook their tea with milk and salt in a flat metal pot.

cup of tea examples 16
Argentinians celebrate mate tea, and not without a reason — mate contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants.

South Africa
cup of tea examples 17
The most admired tea in South Africa is rooibos — red tea with soft sweet taste.

cup of tea examples 18
Mauritanian tea is drunk from three cups — from a sugarless one to a very sweet one.

cup of tea examples 19
Foamy black tea with milk and sugar. It is treated like a dessert and drunk cold.

cup of tea examples 20
People in Kuwait prefer black tea, infused with cardamom and saffron.

cup of tea examples 21
It’s common tradition to boil the tea twice with milk and brown sugar.


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