Heartbroken Teen Knows Dad Can’t Afford Dream Prom Gown, But Has No Clue It’s There On The Table

All Kailah wanted was a sparkling, teal-blue ball gown for her upcoming spring formal at school. However, her parents just couldn’t afford it. So, the determined teen started applying for as many jobs as she could so she could buy the dress herself.

But when Kailah returned to the store to try and purchase it again, she was heartbroken to discover it was gone and sold. Someone else had already bought it, and Kailah was destroyed.

Little did Kailah know that her doting dad, Jeremy, was the person who bought the glittering gown. What a truly awesome father.

In the tear-jerking clip below, Jeremy calls his two teenage daughters downstairs on Christmas Day for a very special surprise. Kailah has no idea what’s coming, and her reaction is truly priceless.

It’s no wonder this sweet video went viral with more than one million views on YouTube. Viewers are chiming in about their experiences with their own fathers, both good and bad.”

One commenter writes, “Great dad! Totally something my dad would do,” while another writes, “I wish my dad was like that, but he never will be.”

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