Judges Can’t Believe Their Eyes When This Dancing Duo Defies Gravity

Most dance routines tend to take place on stages, but very rarely does the stage floor simultaneously serve as the background. The dance group Another Kind of Blue takes the stage from a different angle when they stun the judges on Britain’s Got Talent. Special effects and a projector/camera combo are used in the most incredible way, transforming a simple choreography into, simply, magic.

In some ways, this is the same simple camera trickery that was used by the old Batman television series in the ’60s, to super-cheesy effect. In others, it’s a cutting edge dance routine where the choreography extends into the carefully planned computer-generated imagery projects onto the stage.

If that sounds confusing or strange, don’t worry! It’s pretty confusing and strange to watch! But it’s also incredibly beautiful, and shows how a little creativity and “lateral” thinking can turn even jaded judges upside down in surprise. The looks of fascination and bewilderment on the judges’ faces say it all. Watch and see for yourself.


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