When These 2 Storm Troopers Perform On Stage, They Made Simon’s Dream Come True

Over the years, we’ve seen some truly incredible auditions on Britain’s Got Talent. There was Becky O’Brien, a single mother who got a chance to showcase her stunning voice, the now-famous Matrix dancer, and so many other acts of all kinds. Some have even gone on to the finals, either via the regular competitive process or by impressing the judges so much during their auditions that they earn the “golden buzzer.”

Each of the judges gets one opportunity per season to press the buzzer, which sends that act straight through to the live finals. Recently, we posted about another act that managed to get the coveted golden buzzer – a gospel choir with 100 voices. Well, they’ve got some competition headed their way, because Simon Cowell just buzzed in a bunch of dancing Stormtroopers!

I have to admit, the Stormtroopers are pretty great dancers. They are all performers from a company called Empire Parties, whose website states that they’re trained thespians, martial artists, dancers, and athletes. They’ve got plenty of other costumes too, so there’s definitely room for more than what we saw here. Still, Simon’s choice has been viewed as highly controversial, with many longtime fans feeling that while the performance was great, there were more deserving candidates for the golden buzzer.


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