Doctors Tell People Over 40 To Stop Taking Ibuprofen Because Of This…

We’re all aware of the dangers of prescription pain killers. Featured prominently in the news these days, we hear how heroin and Oxycontin have taken over entire swaths of American society now, and how effective treatment options are few and far between.

That being said, you’re likely far more cavalier about taking over-the-counter, aka OTC, medications. Whether aspirin for a headache or ibuprofen for minor aches and pains, almost everyone has bottles of these non-prescription analgesics in their medicine cabinet.

The fact that you don’t need a written slip from a medical doctor to get ibuprofen may blind you to its potential dangers, of course. Especially if you regularly down this medication, you’ll want to get familiar with its possible side-effects (which, let’s face it, are merely unwanted main effects).

Unlike aspirin, which is sometimes advised by doctors to thin blood after a heart attack (or when one is barely averted), ibuprofen is not a friend to heart disease, according to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The agency, which oversees new treatments being approved in the US, warned as far back as eleven years ago that this commonly used medication can potentially increase your risk for a stroke or even a coronary.

Perhaps more ominously, the FDA further expounded in 2005 that ongoing and regular use exacerbates your risk for a heart attack, even without diagnosed underlying heart disease.


As with most things in this world, your risk level increases with age. Ironically, age also generally ushers in more aches and pain, stiffness, and inflammation. So are you just between a rock and a hard place?

Not at all. There are many more organic ways to treat pain, although we must warn you that even “natural” substances can cause bad reactions, so be sure to check with your own doctor before trying anything new. Remember too that how two compounds interact is very important to understand, which is why pharmacists keep a record of all your ongoing medications.

If you really want to part company with Western medicine, there’s plenty of information on more “natural” substitutions. One You Tube personality, David “Avocado” Wolfe, has a very interesting – and certainly free – idea for those who suffer from inflammation and chronic pain. He suggests – wait for it – that you simply take off your shoes and walk on dirt, sand, the ocean floor, grass, or whatever you have around you.

Wolfe acknowledges that not everyone lives in an area or climate where this is viable, and even explains that he himself took decades to be able to walk barefoot most of the time without hurting his feet. He claims (and we have no proof of this whatsoever, so please take it under advisement) that touching earth with whatever parts of your body carry inflammation will reduce or eliminate it after just one hour.

“The Earth itself is an anti-inflammatory, the Earth . . . fights inflammation,” claims Wolfe. “The Earth, for the most part, is negatively charged, like the negative side of a battery, and being barefoot allows you to pick up the Earth’s charges,” he adds. “Whether laying on grass or swimming in the ocean, the Earth gives us free antioxidants, every single day, all day long.”

If, like us, you’ll try almost anything that’s free, you’ve already taken your shoes off and headed out the door by now.


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