This Man Finds A Way To Slow Things Down In A City That Is Always Rushing

New York is known as “The City That Never Sleeps.” It lives up to that nickname in more ways than one. The city is always bustling, day or night. It’s not just the city itself, though. It’s the people. Sometimes it seems like living in New York means you yourself will never get a moment’s rest. It’s a city of dreamers but also of overachievers. Wall Street bankers have cots in their offices. Aspiring actors work multiple jobs and still have to find time for their passion.

Thomas C. Knox is no stranger to the rush. A business specialist with Apple, Knox decided to throw a wrench in the status quo by launching his “Date While You Wait” project in the New York City Subway system. Not a date in the romantic sense, Thomas sets up a table and chairs on a train platform and squares off against commuters in board games and conversation.


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