Deaf Baby Boy’s Heartwarming Reaction To Hearing Mom’s Voice The First Time…

It’s often said that an unborn baby can hear their mother’s voice while still in the womb. But that is not always the case, because some children have never been able to hear a sound.

Taryn and Drew Ruiz gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy who appeared to be healthy.  It wasn’t long after his birth, that Archer, was showing signs of acute deafness.

The Ruiz’s were told that Archer was born with permanent moderate-to-severe bilateral hearing loss. A condition that would have Archer in a silent existence.  But thanks to modern technology specialists, Archer was fitted with hearing aids that day.

The Ruiz’s had to waited two months for the earpieces to be completed.  In the video below we see Archer and his parents trying them for the first time. When the device is turned on, Archer transforms when he hears his mother’s voice for the first time.

It’s an incredibly beautiful moment. 


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