When A Deaf Delivery Man’s Car Broke Down, He Walked The Pizza To A Man’s House

Last night my faith in humanity was restored all because of pizza. I ordered late, around 11 pm, from Dominos on Court Street. Using the tracker, I saw my pizzas had left the store at 11:24. An hour later I still had no pizza and was about to call having a fit when there was a knock. It was a manager informing me that the delivery driver’s car had broken down, a deaf young man named Benjamin, and he was worried. Because it was late and he was deaf he was concerned he wasn’t getting the help he needed. I felt awful. He’d delivered to me a few times and was always very nice.

He called the woman who’d reported Ben, and his broke down car, found his exact location and said he’d be back. Half an hour later there was another knock; it was Ben with my pizza who was apologizing profusely and explaining what happened. I said I’d heard, I completely understood and it was not a problem at all. I got in, put the pizza up and let my crying dogs out from lock up when it dawned on me I didn’t see a car. I looked out my window to see him trucking down the street on foot. He had WALKED me my pizza. If I wasn’t alone with two young kids asleep, I would’ve gone after him. I immediately called the store to let them know so they could go find this amazing young man. I’m happy to say they found him and he is safe and sound.

It might seem silly, but in a world, that right now feels tumultuous and full of hate, and in a city where itself and its people are constantly put down, there was this bright light that was Ben. He went far above and beyond, caring more about getting me my stupid pizzas then staying in his car and waiting for help. It’s more than pizza, of course, it’s an enormous understanding of responsibility, respect for self and another human being, and above all unsolicited kindness. He deserves a HUGE pat on the back, at the very least. Please like and share for humanity at its best, doing for others at the cost of self when you don’t even have to. You’re all kinds of awesome Ben!!!

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